• A Session Refers to an hour. Students Receive a 20% discount and a month of free classes.
  • ​SAVINGS :Students Registering for 1 year only at $15/- a 150-200$ savings incur a $137 savings 
  • Refer a Student to get a month of Free Classes

  • Can I do a drop in class?Yes! Drop in classes are $25 and will be used towards your program fees if you decide to enroll.
  • ​There is a month of Free Classes on Recommending a new Student

  • Students read class schedule and inform teacher via e-mail or phone which day would like to take class.

  • Classes 7 days a week, different rates range from $15,$20/,$25/-
  •  Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat Sun

AGE GROUP:Students can be children from 5 years to Adults .{Male,Female,any age group}.

  • Registration Forms must be filled out and submitted before session begins.Costume forms must be filled out and submitted via E-Mail.

  • All payments are by sessions and must be paid to 'New York Indian Classical Dance Co'. by cash or cheque,credit card, master, visa,American Express.Payments are be made before the classes begins by the fifth week or end of a month.

  • If Students Dicsontinue they would have to Re-Register ​

  • Discounts are eligible for a student's sibling, parent or child (under the age of 18)
  • Multi-class and family discount applies automatically online during registration
  • When do classes start?
  • Our classes start in September, January, and April. 
  • ​Custom Choreography for Parties,Weddings $400/- 
  • Perforrmance Rates:$250- $500/- as per Time Reqiurements

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Cancellation Policy 

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NY Indian Dance Co. premiere academies and largest classical Indian dance institutions in North America offering the finest training in cultural education and kathak dance tradition.  Training dance technique, rhythmical math, improvisation and classical Indian music from dedicated and accomplished instructors who have trained directly 
  • ]New students 
  • Call  prior to registration to get an overview of the School, our policies, and to ensure you are selecting the correct class.
  • Create an new online account through our secure, online registration system
  • Have questions? Check out our FAQs below
  • Returning students
  • Log in using your existing user ID and password on our
  • LOG IN Registration for 1 Student 
  • Log into your account.Select your class and ADD to cart
  • Select participant from drop down menu and click CONTINUE to proceed or to add more classes
  • If registering for one class, click ALL DONE and proceed to check out
  • If registering for more classes, click ENROLL IN CLASS and repeat steps above
  • Proceed to CHECK OUT

  • Log in and follow class registration steps for first student
  • Click on ENROLL IN CLASS for 2nd family member using the steps above
  • Discounts for additional family members are automatically applied.
  • Multi-class discount takes effect for subsequent classes for all students
  • Continue enrolling for classes